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Tori Pickering

Marketing Assistant

​Experience of Recruitment / Education and / Or Experience of What You Do

Coming straight from my secondary education into Aspire People I had no previous experience of education recruitment. I have been part of the Aspire team for three years now and couldn't imagine myself working or progressing my career anywhere else.

What Do You Do at Aspire People?

I work within the marketing department at Aspire; it is an exciting role as it means I get to interact with many people in the education sector. Doing what I do means I am involved with social media, school events, and talking to candidates and clients we work with.

What Do You Get a Kick out of in Your Role?

I enjoy my role as I find it’s very rewarding to see the development of children and the impact the teachers we work with can have on their lives, it can be very fast paced however the end result is definitely worth it.

What Would Your School Report Say?

My school report was likely to say “Tori needs to get involved in the classroom more and come out of her shell.” Or “she is a great student, however may talk too much.” Depending on the lesson!

Tori Pickering

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