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Meet the Team

Our Education Recruitment Stars

  • Daniel Dawkins

    Daniel Dawkins


  • Kelly Steadman-Hope

    Kelly Steadman-Hope

    Sales Director

  • Samantha Fisher

    Samantha Fisher

    Business & Strategy Manager

  • Lisa Evans

    Lisa Evans

    Sales & Impact Manager

  • Marc Hughes

    Marc Hughes

    Operations Manager

  • Vanessa Lawton

    Vanessa Lawton

    Compliance & HR Manager

  • Conal Powell

    Conal Powell

    Marketing Manager

  • Ann-Marie Leyland

    Ann-Marie Leyland

    North Birmingham Primary Consultant

  • Yasmin Desouza

    Yasmin Desouza

    South Birmingham & Solihull Primary Consultant

  • Stephanie Wardle

    Stephanie Wardle

    Birmingham Primary Consultant

  • Emma Hevey

    Emma Hevey

    Senior Primary Consultant

  • Steven Delves

    Steven Delves

    South Staffordshire Primary Consultant

  • Emma Allen

    Emma Allen

    Walsall Primary Consultant

  • Sophie Capener

    Sophie Capener

    Black Country Primary Consultant

  • Natalie Breakspear

    Natalie Breakspear

    Principal Wolverhampton & Black Country Primary Consultant

  • Lauren Bell

    Lauren Bell

    Birmingham SEND Consultant

  • Wayne Barrett

    Wayne Barrett

    SEND Consultant

  • Sussan Mohamed

    Sussan Mohamed

    Early Years Consultant

  • Jessica McAlinden

    Jessica McAlinden

    Company Resourcer

  • Maddie Sambrook

    Maddie Sambrook

    Service Consultant

  • Emily Kramer

    Emily Kramer

    Sales Manager & Staffordshire Secondary Consultant

  • Katy Manison

    Katy Manison

    Black Country Secondary Consultant

  • James Kearney

    James Kearney

    West Midlands OTS Consultant

  • Georgina Longhorne

    Georgina Longhorne

    Office and Technical Consultant

  • Damon Hegenbarth

    Damon Hegenbarth

    South Birmingham Secondary Consultant

  • Eve Beer

    Eve Beer

    Birmingham Secondary Consultant

  • Andrew White

    Andrew White

    Coventry & Warwickshire Secondary Consultant

  • Monica McDonough

    Monica McDonough

    Coventry & Warwickshire Secondary Consultant

  • Shaniece Blakemore

    Shaniece Blakemore

    Coventry & Warwickshire Primary Consultant

  • Amanda Afzal

    Amanda Afzal

    Leicestershire Secondary Consultant

  • Manni Rai

    Manni Rai

    Recruitment Consultant

  • Mandy Tiwana

    Mandy Tiwana

    Leicestershire Primary Consultant

  • Lydia Sherwood

    Lydia Sherwood

    Leicestershire Primary Consultant

  • Jodi-Louise Freeman

    Jodi-Louise Freeman

    Cambridgeshire & Lincolnshire Consultant

  • Jay Islam

    Jay Islam

    Peterborough Secondary Consultant

  • Bernadette Parry

    Bernadette Parry

    Northampton Primary Consultant

  • Devina Parekh

    Devina Parekh

    Derby & Nottingham Primary Consultant

  • Kate Allen

    Kate Allen

    Derby Primary Consultant

  • Sarah Greatrix-Mullan

    Sarah Greatrix-Mullan

    Nottingham Primary Consultant

  • Robert Holland

    Robert Holland

    East Midlands OTS Consultant

  • Laura Hopkins

    Laura Hopkins

    Lead Compliance Administrator

  • Kerry Brannigan

    Kerry Brannigan

    South Staffordshire Resourcer

  • Paige Hill

    Paige Hill

    Compliance Administrator

  • Hannah Smith

    Hannah Smith

    Compliance Administrator

  • Gemma Tarrington

    Gemma Tarrington

    Compliance Administrator

  • Paige Smart

    Paige Smart

    East Midlands Company Resourcer

  • Raven Bansel

    Raven Bansel

    Compliance Administrator

  • Ben Lancaster

    Ben Lancaster

    Compliance Administrator Apprentice

  • Karen Pickering

    Karen Pickering

    Senior Credit Controller

  • Marie Piper

    Marie Piper

    Accounts Administrator

  • Isobelle Babb

    Isobelle Babb

    Payroll & Accounts Assistant

  • Ryan O'Sullivan

    Ryan O'Sullivan

    Payroll & Accounts Assistant

  • Nathan Morgan

    Nathan Morgan

    Payroll & Accounts Apprentice

  • Ameeth Lall

    Ameeth Lall

    Marketing Assistant

  • Abu Dawood

    Abu Dawood

    Candidate Resourcer

  • Georgia Ball

    Georgia Ball

    Candidate Resourcer

  • Nyah Somerfield

    Nyah Somerfield

    Candidate Resourcer

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