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Vanessa Lawton

Compliance Manager

Experience of Recruitment / Education and / Or Experience of What You Do

I’ve worked at Aspire People for over 10 years now and joined just after leaving school. I started as a an Admin Apprentice and have, over the years progressed my career within Aspire People to my current role where I am now the Compliance Manager. Although I have been here such a long time, and since leaving school I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else for the brilliant opportunities staff at Aspire get.

What Do You Do at Aspire People?

I look after the Compliance Team as a whole and day to day management of the department. My team complete recruitment and vetting checks to ensure that candidates are safe to work with children before they are placed into roles working in such environments.  I am also a Designated Safeguarding Officer at Aspire People.

What Do You Get a Kick out of in your

It’s fantastic being able to mentor and progress junior members of staff getting them on the career ladder whether that be through the ranks of Aspire People, and offering them progression within the business or if they choose to move on, giving them the support and the tools in which to do so.

What Would Your School Report Say?

“Vanessa is more than capable but she just needs to apply herself”

Vanessa Lawton

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