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12 Emojis Every Teacher Can Relate to in Exam Season!

Author: Emma Allen

Published date: 2019/04

12 Emojis Every Teacher Can Relate To In Exam Season

​We know it’s tough for teachers during the exam season, it really can be a rollercoaster of emotions. So we’ve decided to show it through our favourite yellow faces. Enjoy…

1.  The anxiety leading up to exams. It’s real. So many things to consider, did I cover enough of a certain topic? Will the paper reflect what I’ve taught in my lessons? How will my students cope?

2. The absolute look of panic when you give students their ‘own time’ to come in and revise… but they don’t turn up!

3. That atmosphere in the staffroom on exam mornings!

4. The face you pull when you see a recent topic you covered in loads of detail is the question worth the most marks!

5. And then the face when you see a question you didn’t cover so much…

6. The feeling when year 11 are giving the exam invigilators a run for their money and you’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

7. When the exams are over, the papers weren’t what you expected and there’s nothing more you can do but over evaluate the could-have, would-have, should-haves and wait for the results…

8.  …but when the headheacher asks what you thought of the papers and you say ‘they were great!’

9. When that one student blames you for their bad exam results, but they are one of those who didn’t turn up for revision, and messed around in class for the whole year! And the rest of the class did rather well…

10. Talking about doing well… that feeling you get when your students absolutely smash their exams!

11. That very, very LARGE glass of wine or 3 you have when the whole ‘exam thing’ is over for another year…

12. …and you wake up the next day with a hangover and realise it's time to start all the planning again for next year!

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