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Top 5 Mobile and Online Apps for Teachers and Schools

Author: Emily Kramer

Published date: 2018/06

Apps For Teachers

​Are you a teacher looking for the best teaching apps for your classroom or maybe a headteacher looking to implement the use of teaching apps throughout your school? You’ve come to the right place, we have collated the best teaching apps on the market into an easy 5 minute read. Take a look at the below and see if you can find an app that suits you?!

1. Kahoot!

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform; it’s completely free for teachers and students. It works by creating short quizzes from a mobile or desktop. This is a fun way to learn and socialise in the classroom, students can work independently or as a team which encourages them to play and celebrate together. As a teacher, you can create your own questions and answers or use some pre-made, which is an easy process to add to a lesson plan. This app is a great way to personalise your lessons and create a fun way to learn!
Kahoot Website
App Store
Google Play Store

2. Duolingo 

For those teaching MFL, Duolingo allows free and easy access to language resources and lessons. From French, Spanish and, German to even Vietnamese. Some may find learning new languages frustrating however this breaks it down simply with visual aids and guidance. Duolingo encourages a game streak that sets reminders each day to spend some time learning. As a teacher you can track the progress of each student which allows you to get the most out of being in the classroom.
Duo Lingo Website
App Store
Google Play Store

3. Show My Homework

If your students struggle with organisation or keeping on top of tasks this application allows you to set and monitor homework tasks quickly and easily through mobile or computer. Show my homework allows students to track what tasks have been set and the needed information such as due dates or links. It also allows parents to monitor the tasks to be completed and due dates for the work. It is perfect for students in KS2, KS3 and KS4.
Show my Homework Website
App Store
Google Play Store

4. Teach Your Monster to Read

For teachers who wish to give extra help to children in the first stages of reading or for those who need a bit more practice this app is perfect! It shows interesting stories with characters to keep children engaged; it also allows them to collect rewards along the way. Which creates a fun way of learning.
Teach Your Monster to Read Website
App Store
Google Play Store

5. Quizlet

Want an easy way to help students take notes? You can now share and create easy flashcards for revision and exams. Quizlet is known as the ‘best study app’ guaranteed to help with students learning. As a teacher, you can personalise your own flashcards or use some pre-made for a way to encourage quick revision sessions. Revision is a crucial part of preparing for exams and lessons, sometimes your cards get lost or ruined so keeping them on your mobile device is surely the best way!
Quizlet Website
App Store
Google Play Store

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