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3 Reasons Why You Should Read Books

Author: Emily Kramer

Published date: 2020/09

3 Reasons Why You Should Read Books

September 6th marks National Read a Book Day, this day encourages people to read books and share stories with others. There are many benefits of reading and we want to share how and why reading can help you!

Several people may read regularly and understand the experience and benefits of reading but, we know many people may not. Some do not read as they aren’t sure what type of book they would like however, there are lots of genres that can be perfect for all types of people and readers. To see what classic book and genre would suit you take this short online quiz!

If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book. – J.K. Rowling

Top 3 Benefits of Reading:

  • Reduces stress – Studies have shown that reading for as little as 6 minutes can reduce stress levels by 60%. It is always a priority to take care of yourself and be as stress-free as possible, so reading a whole book can massively help to be less stressed which is also a huge benefit to dealing with mental health!        

  • Improves your memory – Whilst you read books it helps your brain to focus more as it is more neurologically demanding which gives you more of a ‘neural workout’.        

  • Better sleep – By reading a book before going to sleep it helps you to have a better and deeper sleep. We know many people spend time on mobile devices before bed, which is known to keep you awake for longer. By swapping your screen time to reading a book you have the chance to wind down and have a better night’s sleep.

Here are only a few places you can buy books in-store or online to start or continue your reading experience, Waterstones, The Works, and Amazon.

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