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The Education Show on Teachers Mental Health

Author: Conal Powell

Published date: 2020/03

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At Aspire People we understand many people within schools may face challenges and battle with mental health issues due to many factors within the schools they work in, which then can have a knock on effect not only within schools but relationships with people outside of the school environment. 

Being an educator means you have many responsibilities and over time these issues could develop and overwhelm you. As a teacher you may be guilty of ignoring stresses you are facing in or outside of the classroom for the sake of your students, however, we know this is not a good way to cope with your battles.

By speaking to teachers, we understand that some stresses within your school life can be Ofsted, new lessons or new students and parents evening. We know this by speaking to multiple teachers, meaning you aren’t alone in this battle.

Aspire People have partnered with the Education Show, sister company to the Education Awards which is an event celebrating educators in the Midlands. The director Jas Rohal has teamed up with Suneta Bagri a mindset and wellbeing coach to discuss the issues around mental health in schools, specifically teachers and how we can tackle these issues. Take a listen to the podcast and if you feel it was beneficial press the follow button.

At Aspire People we also always encourage educators to raise awareness about dealing with mental health so we have created a quick read about how we would help teachers to face these challenges, take a look at the Aspire Blog today. As mental health is such a big issue in schools we also want to raise awareness on how to deal with mental health battles in the classroom.

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