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How to Relax over Summer as a Teacher!

Author: Emily Kramer

Published date: 2019/07

Relax Over Summer As  Teacher

At Aspire People we know teaching staff has very busy and stressful lives, and now it’s the summer holidays; but, we’re aware teachers may still be struggling to unwind and take some time for rest and relaxation. Do you find yourself saying “I never have enough time, I am never caught up, and I can’t relax”? Read this five minute blog to find out how to de-stress and enjoy your time off.

1. Finding out how to put you first, with self-care advice for teachers.

It is important to always look after yourself and your mind as teaching can be very demanding, and you may not know how to or reasons why you should, so here are some ideas on how to take care of yourself this summer.


2.  Fun ways to entertain yourself over Summer!

Summer is definitely about teachers getting some rest and relaxation, but it is also important to have some fun! Whether it’s finding a new Netflix show or going to the spa. Here are some ways to ensure you make the most of your fun summer holidays.


3.  Finally. Some ways to gloat and feel good about yourself!

As a teacher, it can be dreaded to see students around town. But, maybe it is fun to see them working over their summer break, perhaps too fun?

Take a look at some more reasons why you can have some laughs over the school break!


If you’re interested in finding out some more ways in which we Aspire People can help teaching staff such as: teachers, teaching assistants, NQTS and cover supervisors; take a look at the Aspire Blog. Or maybe you’re interested in changing your teaching career, perhaps you would like to become a teacher or change your role within schools? We can help if you would like to register with Aspire People or take a look at new jobs we can offer to you! To find out more, get in contact with us today.
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