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Rachael Bayliss

South Birmingham & Solihull Primary Consultant

Experience of Recruitment / Education and / Or Experience of What You Do

I have been at Aspire for seven years and have a real passion for working within the education sector. I love getting involved in all my schools activities and helping find quality teaching staff to make a difference in childrens lives.

What Do You Do at Aspire People?

I work on the South Birmingham Primary desk and have done this for the past four years.

What Do You Get a Kick out of in Your Role?

I love my role within education and always had a passion for teaching as a child. Although my first day at school I kicked and screamed for my Mom to take me home with her, my favourite game by the age of six was playing ‘teachers’ and within a couple of weeks had grown to absolutely love being at school learning new things and making new friends. But there is one thing from my time in Primary School that stands out – they say ‘You never forget a good teacher’ and you really don’t, my primary school teacher, Mrs Dolman was AMAZING! I remember thinking she was the real life Mary Poppins. ‘Practically perfect in every way’ and even at 30 years old, I remember every single little thing about her. The most rewarding thing about my job is that now I get to find children their very own ‘Mrs Dolman’.

What Would Your School Report Say?

"Rachael has so much potential but all she seems to want to do is socialise with her friends"

Rachael Bayliss

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