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Jessica Barnes-Wright

Compliance and Recruitment Administrator

​Experience of Recruitment / Education and / Or Experience of What You Do

This is my first job working in the recruitment sector, however I have worked in retail before for two years so I have a sales background.

What Do You Do at Aspire People?

I work in the compliance department at Aspire, my job is to create a file on each candidate. Where we carry out all the necessary checks and procedures to ensure each candidate is qualified in the specific role and also fit to work with children and/or within schools.

What Do You Get a Kick out of in
Your Role?        

Being in the compliance team is very challenging. But who doesn’t like a challenge? In our office we are all treated and treat each other as equals. My job has a very rewarding aspect, knowing about each candidates background whether it be good or bad and helping them to start or pursue their careers with schools. 

What Would Your School Report Say?

I would say I was a "goody two shoes" and I never had a detention. My teachers would say "Jess always listens in class, works well independently and also in a team"

Jessica Barnes-Wright


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